Did you ever thought your life looked as crooked as in a movie? Or were you walking down the street listening to some music in your player and felt like you were in the music video? Yea, I know that feeling. That happens to me all the time. Usually, people don't want to know about it, so I think is better to write things down.
Know me as Adinatha or by my real name, Sara.
28 years old, but kept stuck in the 1980's.

Expect to find lots of David Bowie, Morrissey, Rooney-Lisbeth-Noomi, Pink Floyd and whinings about how my life used to be perfect.




I am finally done! My 6 page comic I’ve been working on. I must say the flow in the comic could have been done better, and I would have liked to make it a bit longer if I could but I’m still happy I finished it.


relationship tip #78: ‘babe’ and ‘baby’ are cliche and outdated. try a fun new nickname such as ‘lieutenant’ instead 

"Sir" is acceptable? :p

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Any individual goes to pieces when fame is visited on them. Fame is against nature: anybody with any decency is going to crack up. But Arctic Monkeys are a gang, they’re a fait accompli. Being a gang protects you. Like The Beatles again. It would be impossible for any outsiders to influence what they do.

John Cooper Clarke, Esquire Magazine 2014 (via arcticmonkeyed)

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